All inspections include surrounding timbers
and the use of Moisture Meter and Termatrac Termite scanning devices.


When buying a property, we recommend that you have a Pre-Purchase/Timber Pest Inspection (performed in accordance with AS 4349.3). We will also provide you with a report containing the findings together with colour photos of the property. You need to know what you are getting yourself into, and if the property may have any hidden costs that you hadn't planned for.


If selling your property, we recommend that you have a Termite Detection Inspection (performed in accordance with AS 3660.2). We will also provide you with a report containing the findings.

The reason it is important is to have an inspection prior to selling is that there may be termites present, which will be found during a potential buyers Pre-Purchase inspection. This could end up costing you thousands of dollars financially for termite management and repairs to your property and not to mention loss of potential buyers, and maybe even the loss of your future dream home.

Remember, be in control of your future, and prevent the heartache that these unforeseen costs and hidden surprises could cause you.


Maintenance is the key to protecting your property. These days a 12 monthly Termite Detection inspection and report is strongly recommended. But remember, Termite inspections don't stop termite entry, however, it may limit the amount of damage done to your property, due to early detection. A Termite Detection inspection of your property can be done in around 2 - 2 hours with a report issued to you on completion.

Termite Monitoring Systems are a very successful way to protect your property. We carry out 6-8 week inspections for peace of mind systems, and 21day inspections when termite activity is found (depending on the species found and the season).

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